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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is This Test Accurate?

Hey Y'all ~

Last week I was planning on going to Albuquerque with a friend to see Addison Road (OMGosh I love Addison Road). Well, my friend couldn't make it and I didn't want to drive by myself, so I puttered away the afternoon shopping in Santa Fe and spending way too much money. It was all Barb's fault.

I spent the day today with my friend Jana. We went to Santa Fe to return the swimming suits she had bought at Sam's and tried to return last week only to realize that she forgot her receipt! I made sure she had it today before we left "the hill." I didn't need a thing from Santa Fe today so I'm trying to figure out how come I came home with a bunch of bags and another new pair of shoes (7th new pair in 2 weeks - I can admit I have a problem; I'm just not ready to get help yet!) It was all Jana's fault!

I am actually starting to show Jana pieces of my heart and so far she hasn't run away screaming!

We also wanted to pick-up some totally comfy jammies for our friend Jen who is recovering from a hysterectomy. Found the absolutely, most perfect pair (and some matching snuggy socks) and started for home. No sooner had we left TJ Maxx (where I bought way more than I needed - surprised?) when Barb called me to tell me that tests on Jen's removed parts revealed the big C. Uterine cancer. So Jana and I called our husbands and told them we would be later than we thought, we were going straight to Jen's.

Last week, before Jen's surgery, she was convinced that she was going to die on the table. I think the fact that she survived the surgery has made facing the cancer not quite so devastating as it could've been. She is one of the strongest people I know, it was caught early, and we (she and all her friends) will stand together and kick this cancer in the ass!

I knew there was a reason I quit my "real" job...as a sub I'll be able to arrange my schedule so I'll be free to take her to any appointments or to get pedis or a massage (I'm bein' totally altruistic here!)

And...speaking of tests, the 8th grade girlfriend of my "other" son has taken one pregnancy test (which my son thought we should buy for her - smart boy) and it was negative. There is one more in the box so please keep praying until we know absolutely positively for sure that she is not preggers.

thanks for listenin'

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