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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do I Have To?

Hey Y'all...

So, the season of Lent is upon us. I have decided that since I've already given up my favorite things, which would be Salem Lights, tequila*, and ice cream, I'm not givin' up anything else! I'm gonna add something instead. Probly haven't mentioned this yet, but I have been strugglin' with my weight since I quit smokin' the first time in 1990. And...not only did I quit smokin' then, I got a desk job at the same time! (not a good combo) So 20 years later, I'm still tryin' to get rid of the 60 pounds that damn desk job put on my once oh-so-slender frame. Part of the reason I'm havin' such a hard time is that I have an aversion to exercise (and they all said "amen"). I never exercised as a kid - I just rode my bike everywhere and played tennis and softball all summer and skied all winter! But to actually have to go somewhere just to sweat while not havin' fun...well, thanks but no thanks!

Anyway, this ramblin' is just my way of lettin' y'all know that I am adding exercise to my Lenten season! I am purposely gonna get sweaty and I am gonna do it every day! And to make it official, I actually told my husband (who still wears the same waist size as the day I met him - asshole!) and since he works out every day, and sometimes gets up at 5:00 A.M. (yes, that is NOT a typo, I do mean 5 in the morning...) to do it, he is not gonna let me slack off. But because I need to be accountable to more folks than just my man, cuz I can fake a "headache" like nobody's business, I am going to be accountable to you - whoever and where ever you may be!

So - I'd like you to add something to your Lenten season...keepin' me on a tight leash! Thank you for your support :O)

Thanks for listenin'

*and gin and vodka and rum and so on...

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