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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well Knock Me Over with a Feather

Hey Y'all...

My teenager tells me he needs some new sneakers and some new jeans. (somehow his clothes have been disappearin' since he started doing his own laundry. Yeah, I can't figure it out either) So I pick him up from school and we head to one of the two stores in town where we can actually buy shoes and clothes.* After tryin' on 5 pairs of sneakers, he decides that the most expensive ones are the most comfortable ones (are you surprised? didn't think so). So we're standin' at the cash register and I look over at him and he's got his arms open. Open?

"Hug?" he asks.

"What??" I ask back.

"I wanna hug," he says.

"Really? Why?" I ask. (what else could he want? I just bought the most expensive pair of shoes in the store!)

"Just 'cause."



So what did I do? I picked my amazed ass up off the floor and hugged my crabby, don't-talk-to- me-in-public, bigger than me, 15-year-old son.

Sometimes parenting does have its rewards.

Thanks for listenin'

*I am totally serious - we only have TWO clothes/shoe stores in town. If we want a wider variety we have to drive for 45 minutes. Sometimes livin' in the mountains sucks :O)

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