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Monday, February 15, 2010

Profound? NOT!

Hey y'all...

I suppose I really should be writin' somthin' profound here after my first
official therapy session, but I am still tryin' to process it all. Somethin' to do with my parents and my marriage and the fact that I am unhappy in my "perfect" life. Once I have it a little worked out...

On a lighter note - I did get diamonds for Valentine's day! Not the Tiffany's I was hopin' for, but the fact that my husband (and a guy friend) actually went to the jeweler's and picked out somethin' all by themselves was a miracle in itself! (and I have absolutely no problem buyin' myself Tiffany's if I really need it)

btw...my friend Sarah at http://www.sarahmarkley.com/ recently recommended a book and I'd like to second her recommendation! "Thin Places: A Memoir" by Mary E. DeMuth is fantastic! Like sittin' down to coffee with a good friend and just listenin' to her tell you her story.

Thanks for listenin'

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