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Friday, April 16, 2010

Stop on By...

If you haven't yet visited (In)Courage, please visit today, especially if you are struggling with a relationship.  (Just click on the button on the right)  I try to stop in there every day.  Today I wasn't going to but I was drawn in.  

Ann Voskamp was the guest blogger today and she was talking about frustrated and hurtful words and turning into our mothers and a mother's grime and how, if we breathe in grace, we can use strengthening words and wash away the dirt.  Words that will build up our children and our spouses.  Words that I will be praying desperately for.

After spending an evening in tears after a run-in with the teenage alien in my house, I told my husband that I just don't even know what to pray for anymore.  Well, God, through Ann's words, told me exactly what I need to be praying for...breathing in grace and strengthening words for my son.

Please pray for God's amazing grace and soothing words to fill my life this coming week.  Heck, not just this coming week but for always!  Thank you :O)

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