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Friday, July 2, 2010

Fawk You Friday

So this is my first "Fawk You Friday!" and I've been waiting...not-so-patiently.  Here goes...

  • Fawk you siding dust that is covering every square inch of my house - I will win!
  • Fawk you grocery stores that don't deliver - WTF?
  • Fawk you Lowe's (again) cause when I decide to buy the expensive, real wood, Levelor blinds and try to get them custom cut - your fuckin' saw blade is dull
  • Fawk you people who don't use turn-signals...I'm gonna run your sorry ass off the road because "oh gee...I didn't realize you were turning."
  • Fawk you carpal tunnel - surgery's on my left wrist this time so there!  I will be able to wipe my own ass!
  • Fawk you construction workers who leave cigarette butts all over my yard...my own butt covers enough land as it is and if I wanted more butts in my yard I'd un-quit smoking and leave 'em there myself!
  • Fawk you feelin' crappy all the time!  I'll get some new meds and be better than ever and try and fuck with me then!
  • Fawk you mailperson who still doesn't realize that this is the same address it's been for a gazillion years
  • Fawk you pants that are too tight!  I'll just buy new ones and relegate you to the crap pile...
  • Fawk you nail in my tire...you're gonna be in the heap-o-rubber pile soon enough...
  • Fawk you contractor who measures wrong and doesn't order enough siding...I want this fuckin' job done and I want it done now!!!
Well - I think that's it for now.  I'm sure I'll think of some brilliant Fawk You's as soon as I post this - but I'll save 'em for next week.  Head on over to boobies, babies, & a blog to join the fun!


  1. Oh yeah! You go! (Especially the too tight pants. I'm with you there).

  2. Hi, New follower here from FF...have a safe and happy weekend...Love meeting new blogging friends.

  3. The mailman who doesn't realize your house is at the same address it's been at for a gazillion years? We lived in our last house for 10 years, and the day before we moved out? We got yet another piece of mail for the previous owners.


  4. All grocery stores should deliver.

  5. Yes, you tell your body off for making you feel terrible. My mom had (has?) carpal tunnel in both wrists. It gave her terrible pain and has restricted her activities.

  6. Those are all righteous! Just thinking about the construction workers makes me cringe. We had some guys laying tile and carpet at a house we previously lived in. Hubby walked outside and caught one of them peeing next to our house. He told the guy, "You are so lucky my wife isn't the one who caught you. She wouldn't let you live." And the cigarette butts, yuck! Just keep thinking about how wonderful it will be when it's done ... you'll love it during the holidays this year!!!

  7. Stop by when you get a chance. I have an award for you.



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