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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crank Open Dem Windows

So I'm feelin' a little cranky today.  Shut up...it is not my usual mood.  This house remodel bullshit is really startin' to get on my nerves.  It's my summer break and I'm supposed to be able to do whatever I want.  Like sleep til 10, spend a little time at the pool, take a nap, or whatever.  But?  No.  I'm up every day by 7:30 so I can get the dogs fed and out to take care of business so that we're back inside before the guys show up.  Also?  I can't get away from noise.  I used to think I needed noise.  You know - the "I just have the tv on for the noise" while cleaning house or takin' a nap or whatever.  I can't really remember the last time I turned the damn tv on.  Oh wait...yes I can.  It was Sunday afternoon when I wanted to watch some Glee and take a nap before the dang kid called.  And we all know how that worked out for me.  (eye-roll)

But?  I figured once they were done on the inside things would get better.  I could clean my house back to it's usual immaculate, sparkling, pristine, eat off the floor no need to call haz-mat state and then relax a bit.  What a load of crap that idea was.  See...it's summertime up here in these mountains and that means that you have to have your windows open in order not to melt into a puddle.  Most of the houses in my little town do not have central air-conditioning.  I am extremely blessed in having a swamp cooler.  But again, in order for the swamper to work, the windows have to be open.  Usually?  Not a problem.  I love me some fresh air.  Now?  Huge fuckin' problem.  Since every time one of the guys cuts a piece of siding (approximately every 2.5 minutes), there is this GINORMOUS cloud of ultra-fine dust.  And?  Guess where it goes?  Yup...right in my frickin' windows.  There is a thin film of siding dust covering every. single. thing. in my house.

Now...normally I'd be spendin' today and tomorrow goin' crazy cleanin' house before the hubs gets home from France.  After all...he's been over there drinking champagne, ogling French girls, eatin' rich French food, going to Germany just for shits and giggles workin' his little hiney off for us.  I don't want him to come home to a mess and figure out that I really do not do shit while he's gone feel like he needs to clean the bathroom or something.  (See?  I am a good wife!)

But this time?  Not a fuckin' chance I'm gonna be cleanin' any time in the near future.  After all...I'm only one girl and I just can't do it all only to have to do it again in another month!  Sheesh...I have tanning to do and shopping to do and blogs to stalk.


  1. When is it going to be over?

  2. There is no use beating your head against that wall that's under construction ... enjoy yourself now knowing you're going to have to clean like the dickens soon.

  3. Did a bathroom remodel a few years ago. We moved out of that house about 3 yrs later. Well I was still finding sawdust in odd places. I don't know if it ever goes away.

  4. That does not sound like a pleasant way to spend summer break!


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