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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

*Kitty is my Jeep.  I am in love with her.


  1. Champagne every day for lunch...isn't that just a downer :)

  2. Where can I sign up to spend two weeks in France drinking champagne for lunch? because THAT is right up my alley!

  3. Blowing up Ken dolls with M-80's!!!

    That blows my mind.

    As you blew my mind earlier. So much so that I forgot your name and called you Roxane. I already apologized to her over on her blog.

    Sorry about that. And WHY AREN'T YOU ON TWITTER?


  4. AHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alright, Kris is mine! She might have meant to write your name but it was mine she wrote in sharpie on that wall! MINE!!!

    Seriously, I don't blame her. You're pretty awesome.

    By the way, if I had a Jeep I would be desperately in love with it, too. Got pictures?


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