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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bitch and Moan Monday

So I'm thinkin' I'm startin' to go through what my asshole, ignorant, dear, helpful friend James calls "the Mental-pause."  And it fuckin' sucks!  There is no "happy day oh happy day."  Nope...it's now "happy day oh (husband/kid/long-lost friend walks in the door) fuckin' shitty day"

 I do not like anyone or anything.  I want the whole shittin' world to leave me the fuck alone.  Unless of course I want you to talk to me or take me to dinner.  But...YOU gotta figure out which one it is!  And if you guess wrong???  (hmmm...perhaps now wasn't the best time to buy a new 9mm?)

But the hubs knows that he's still pretty safe.  Like I told him last week, he's number one on my "people I dislike the least" list.  

Good thing I can come here to bitch and moan!


  1. It's good to have blogger friends to vent to, isn't it? When I was deep into early menopause, having MAYBE one good week a month due to polyps and constant PMS, I couldn't schedule my hysterectomy fast enough. It was, honest to God, one of the best days of my life. Plus, I got to sleep for an entire week after the surgery. Hubby unplugged the phone, wouldn't even let the kids talk to me. I played a message from our youngest daughter later that went something like this ... "Mom, Mom, are you dead? Dad won't let us come over or tell us anything!" Hilarious!

  2. but mental-pause makes it so you don't have to have the awful, blood clotting periods that suck dick. just sayin.

  3. Notice how all our problems start with "men?" Hope your day gets better and you don't hurt any one...too badly!

  4. People you dislike the least? Oh, how I can relate to feeling that way!

    Btw, I use to have the same background and header that you do. :)

  5. I like the phrase mental-pause. LOL.

  6. Number one on the people I dislike the least list...I fucking love it. I kind of know how you feel...I have PMDD so one week out of the month I turn into a stabby psycho. Hubby has to hide all weapons, or things that could be turned into weapons, lol:) Thank you SO much for linking up, I'm so glad to have you!!!

  7. I am sooo with you. I am in peri-mental-pause and I am lucky if I have one normal - I'm not gonna kill somebody week. Then there is the anxiety. WTH!!


  8. Lately? Every single medical problem (and yes, they are all small and merely annoying as opposed to huge and overwhelming) gets this response from my doctor:

    How old are you?

    Because apparently? Peri-menopause is the explanation for every single annoying thing your body does after the age of 40.

    Way fun.



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