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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whaddya Know!

Another award!  Damn...I could get used to this!!


This award comes courtesy of my friend Wendy at http://runningonmtt.blogspot.com/.  You really gotta check her out!  She's got freakin' awesome kids, a super hubs, and a great sense of humor!  Just met her recently (not irl - but maybe someday!) and love love love her.  We just have so much in common like watching reality tv, exercising, our love of books and our love of music, bit of a twisted sense of humor (and we both kinda like absolutely adore our kids!)  Though I have absolutely no friggin' idea why she'd give me a "happy" award - I'm bitchy as hell lately...

As for the rules (shut up, of course there are rules!  What the hell?)  
1.  copy and paste the award onto your blog
2.  tell everyone about the awesome chick who gave you the award (and link to her site, duh!)
3.  list ten things that make you happy (this one is really gonna be a bitch for me right now since I don't like anyone and every thing and every one is on my shit list but I'll try and muddle through)
4.  pass it on dudes! (and visit 'em to let 'em know)

Ten things that make me happy ...

1.  bright, shiny things (diamonds specially) that sparkle and send off rainbows and blind people in the sun.
2.  the hubs who is gettin' real good at buyin' me bright, shiny things.
3.  lime juice - specially when shaken (not stirred) with some Jose Cuervo and Grand Marnier
4.  my new bed...it's one of those pick-a-number bed and it's pretty fuckin' awesome!
5.  Glee (shut up!  have you even fuckin' watched it???)
6.  Dr. Gregory House - his bad attitude makes me look like a freakin' angel!
7.  bein' a substitute p.e. teacher - nothin' like blowin' the whistle and yellin' at bratty middle schoolers to get their asses movin'!
8.  my jeep - hemi kicks ass and I know how to drive it!
9.  Robert Downey Jr. (oh my he is pretty)
10. a two-hour pedi that ends in bright green toenails

And now the award goes to...

Check 'em out and see why I love 'em!


  1. Cathy -- now that was flipping hilarious!!! You crack me up girl! Thanks for the shout out, I think you are awesome too and have to agree GLEE is the bomb, especailly with Neil Patrick Harris this past week!

    Hope this award makes you a bit less bitchy today! :O)

  2. Congrats on your award. And I have to admit, I hope it doesn't make to too 'less bitchy' -- I kinda like bitchy;D I also like lime shaken up w/tequila & grand marnier. But what do I know?

    Oh, I'm starting something on my blog you (and your f-bombs) just might find fun, so stop by. http://teddystartedit.blogspot.com

  3. Congratulations ... you totally deserve the award. Sometimes being bitchy is our happy place! And I thank you for bestowing it on me. Will get on it right away!!!

  4. Congratulations on your award, and thank you so much for passing it on to little ol' me! You are TOOOOO sweet, lady-not to mention hilarious!!!

  5. I've posted my Happy Ten. Thanks again for the award. Come on by for a visit ...


  6. I found your blog through Coffee-Lovin Mommy. I read through some of your posts, hilarious! I am going to follow you.

  7. Congratulations, award-winning you!

    But Glee? Such a very very horrid show.

    Still love you, but really? Glee? Really?



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