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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Holy Crap-a-molie Batman!

OMG!!!  Okay...so the hubs and I were in Santa Fe this afternoon (therapy you know) and the boy tries to call both of us.  He wanted to explain what had happened to the screen door that goes into the garage and why it wouldn't open (it was the wind and it just needed a good ass-kickin').  

He said that he had been takin' out some garbage when the wind slammed the door shut. (spring is definitely windy season here in the mountains of NM)  Mmmkay...no suspicions here.  HA!  Anyhoo - hubs and I finished runnin' our errands (which you have to do if you are in the "big" city cause you don't wanna have to drive back for somthin' you forgot...), stopped to get some dinner, and headed home.

Hadn't even got outta the car when the boy runs out and says, "wanna see a surprise?"  Let's see...you are 15, you are a boy, and you have a surprise?  Um...no, not really.  He ushers us inside and towards his room (by this time I'm more than a little worried) and opens the door...*

WTF!!  It's clean...he even CHANGED THE SHEETS (and I don't even know how long it's been since that happened**)!!  There was no beggin', no pleadin', no arguin, no slammin' doors, and NO YELLIN'!!  What the hell do you want??

I am actually speechless (and ask anyone who knows, that shit just don't happen).  So maybe he's gonna turn out okay.  Don't know that I'll live to see the day, but WOW!

Holy crap...there is a God and miracles do happen!

*I don't have any "before" pics cause I never opened the door cause the stench'd drop me to my knees.
**See *above

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