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Monday, May 3, 2010

How 'Bout a REAL Apology??

So the hubs and I are workin' hard in therapy.  Learnin' new communication skills and shit like that.  The hubs' problem has always been takin' the blame.  I would get mad at him, he would apologize, I would get over it...'cept he would apologize for days!!  He would drive me bat-shit with his "poor me - I caused all this shit" puppy dog face that would last for a week or so.

So...two weeks ago, in therapy, he kinda learned to apologize and let it go.  'Cept the problem is that now his apologies seem pretty damn insincere.  Last night at dinner I was complainin' (okay...whinin') 'bout my sore legs (from pickin' up the butts and minis) and he has the freakin' nerve to say, "Well, that's cause you're so outta shape!"  Really?  You just said that?  Hhhhmmmm

So this mornin', before we left for work, I told him that what he said pretty much hurt my feelings ('cause I don't know already that I'm outta shape??  I needed him to tell me that??)  He says, "Sorry, didn't mean it to come out like that" and proceeds to leave for work!  WTF???  You're an arrogant ass - oh, did I say that out loud?  So sorry...NOT!

Now - I'm good for a quick, sincere, apology - but this shit?  Don't think so.  I'm thinkin' the hubs is gonna have to do quite a bit of practice with this whole apology thing.  After all - we've been together for 24 years and he knows it's all about me!

So here's to more weeks of....sigh.


  1. For me? I find apologies only enter my head as sincere if I am ready to accept them. Before that? Just empty insincere annoying and condescending blah blah blah. If I am still royally pissed? DO not fucking apologize or I may hurt you.

    Not to say your husband didn't screw this up. I hate when they screw it up. Hate it.

  2. Yeah - I can see your point. But I think I'm usually pretty ready to accept apologies - I try and apologize (when I need to - not very often :O) right away.

    But, hello? really? you just said that to me OUT LOUD?


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