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Thursday, May 27, 2010

OMG! My Head is Gonna Explode!

Tomorrow I'm off on a roadtrip with my oldest daughter.  We are driving to Minnesota which is where she was up until March.  In March she moved back down to Albuquerque to move in with the boyfriend who was the reason she left Albuquerque and moved to Minneapolis two years ago.  Follow?

So today we drive to Albuquerque to load up her stuff.  Her car is trailered behind my truck.  Her car is loaded with almost everythin' she owns, cept for the dresser that'll go in the bed of the truck and her king-sized bed which'll stay in my garage til I find someone who wants it.  She thought about leavin' it at the ex-bf's house, but, um, no.  Also, fuck no!

Movin' stresses me under the best of circumstances but when I'm in charge of the loadin' and tyin' down of shit in the truck - well that about kills me.  Add in the wind (desert wind 50+ mph) and the fuckin' rain/hail - I'm thisclosetobawlin'.

The hubs is great - we get home and immediately it starts fuckin' rainin' again so we're racin' to get the friggin' mattress in the garage 'fore it gets any wetter.  Then he's goin' to McD's to pick up dinner.  I wanna southwest grilled chicken salad and a large strawberry soda.  Our McD's is so whack...I shoulda warned the hubs to check the strawberry soda cause they always give me a fuckin' strawberry shake.  I do not like strawberry shakes - I only like chocolate shakes.  Also, gross.  So I go back through the stinkin' drive-thru to get my damn strawberry soda and the truck in front of me takes EIGHT minutes to get all their shit.  Really?  Hello drive-thru people, you have a "waitin'" parkin' lot for occasions such as these.  Then the drive-thru kid tells me I'm crazy cause I don't like strawberry shakes.  Really?  You're gonna say that to me after you fucked up the order in the first place?  Finally get home with my SODA and everyone else is finished with their dinner so I eat alone, which maybe is a good thing since I'm totally on the edge and my head is about to explode.

I am really lookin' forward to the drive home - alone - but it kinda bums me out too.  This is the kinda trip my "ex" girlfriend and I always talked about takin'.  And right now I can't think of anyone else I would wanna roadtrip with (please don't take it personal, you know who you are, but if you been readin' my posts lately you know I don't like anyone right now.)

So I'm gonna take my time, see things I've always wanted to see, I may not even take the interstate home!  I'll have a lotta time to spend with just Jesus and a lotta time to pray and a lotta time to evaluate my life.  It'll be good.

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  1. How much do I love that you left your food at home and drove back to the fast-food restaurant to get your strawberry soda? Big love. That's crazy stubborn.

    And strawberry shakes? Disgusting.

    Vanilla for me, please.

    Good luck on the road trip!



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