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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Okay...so it's May 2nd today and it has been snowin' most of the day!  I have lived in these here mountains for 16 years and only in the last 4 or 5 years have I actually listened to "old-timers" who tell me "never plant before Mother's Day."  Well.  Next week is Mother's Day and I don't know if I'll even be able to plant then.  I suppose it doesn't really matter since most things I plant die before summer's over anyway.  Not like plantin' in the Midwest...stick somethin' in the ground and it'll grow!  Up here it's stick somethin' in the ground and it'll tease ya with a few flowers then die...

Spent a couple of hours yesterday picking up trash along the highway that our local Young Life "adopted."  Lucky Jill found the condom and the prescription drugs...I only found cigarette butts and "minis."  (Did find some "caution" tape that I thought I could bring home and put over the boy's bedroom door as it is a bio-hazard...whole 'nother story)  I have never bent over and stood up so much in my life.  But lemme tell ya - this mornin' when I got up, my body certainly knew it had done somethin' it wasn't used to doin'.  My lower back and the backs of my thighs were killin' me!  You would think that after all that exertion my belly would at least be flat, but no...same size as it was on Friday :O(  And of course it was my Sunday to do nursery at church.  More bendin' over and standin' up - YAY (not)!!  Fortunately for me, I had an awesome assistant.  Rachel had no problem crouchin' under the desk to play hide and seek...

Worked at the middle school Friday afternoon.  Love the middle-schoolers!  'Cept this time was different.  Sometime while I was there, my cell phone disappeared from the top of my desk.  We are talkin' about my entire freakin' life!  And I can't even call friends to let 'em know cause I don't know their numbers - I just know their "speed-dial" numbers on my frickin' phone!!!  (did facebook it though cause if you're not on fb...) Told the assistant principal and the principal and the teacher I was subbin' for (who happens to be an ex-cop) so hopefully they will "find" it tomorrow!  I had the brilliant idea of usin' my old blackberry, (which I hated hence the new droid), but then realized that my husband had suspended all services on my number.  So I am shit-outta-luck til someone finds my phone or I get a new one.  I just hope my ever-on-top-of-things husband has us signed up for the automatic back-up service shit that everyone keeps askin' me if I have!

Been gettin' used to the new bed...it's one of those air number beds.  Only problem is, I can't figure out which number I am.  (Okay, not true...I know my number...it would be ten (HAH!)).  Used the highest number the first night, too hard.  Used the lowest number the next night, too mushy.  So I am workin' on all the in-between numbers til I find the perfect number...hope it won't take too long.

Baby daughter (25) called the other night.  The Grand is so funny!  Going to bed and she says, "Mommy?"

"What honey?"

"If I clean my room can I get two hamsters?"


"It's okay if I can't get two hamsters cause I really want two puppies"

What do ya say to that??!! :O)  Six-year-olds are so adorable - specially when they're blondies with eyes as blue as the sky! 

Young Life club at our house tomorrow...that means I need to pick up poop in the yard.  I'd rather clean toilets than pick up dog poop!  But on the other hand...I'd rather pick up poop in the yard than try to scrub it outta the carpet when it gets tracked in.

Barb and her husband and son are in Denver this weekend pickin' up Ryan's stuff.  I so don't envy her that trip.  Been prayin' all weekend that they are all doin' okay and gettin' some closure and healin' their hearts some.

Well.  I guess that's enough ramblin' for now...really should do some laundry so we all have clean underwear to wear tomorrow!

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